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a luxury journey in Italythe world of Mille1 new Italian wine

The Luxurious Journey
of Mille1 Italian Wine

"Mille1 is the experience in the joy and wonder of discovering Italy through fine wine. "

"Mille1" means "1,001" an Italy is 1,001 miles in length from one end to the other. Since Ancient Rome, this unique wine country has been at the center of the world for many things but particularly for its culture. That culture is wine culture as well. It's 1,001 miles of wine regions, microclimates, and traditions... that have shaped and helped solidify Italy's fame throughout the centuries.

Tasting Mille1 wine is a luxurious journey through Italy, to be enjoyed and tasted not just once in a lifetime but everyday.

Mille1 Garda Rosso

Production area: Hills around Garda Lake, an amphitheater of vineyards on morainic soil that were formed by the expansion and retraction of glaciers thousands of years ago during the last Ice Age. This is a very sunny and constantly breezy area, which guarantees healthy vines and optimal ripening without mildew or disease, even after harvest when a portion of the grapes are left to dry in boxes for the “appassimento” process, a winemaking technique that is traditional to this region.

Soil: Clayish and stoney

Grapes: Corvina, Rebo and Merlot

Vinification: Fermentation and maceration take place in stainless steel, followed by ageing for six months in 500L French oak barrels 

Alcohol: 14,0%

Total Acidity: 5,1 g/l

Best temperature to serve Mille1 Red Wine: 18ºC

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 Mille1 Garda Rosso Label
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Tasting Mille1 Italian Dry Red Wine - Garda Rosso

Experiencing Mille1 is like driving with the top down on a summer day:  The color is a vibrant garnet, shimmering with opaqueness and enveloping the nose in scents of wildflowers, ripe currants and blackberries and warm spices.  At first taste, the wine is lively and full bodied, inviting you back for another sip as savory undertones carry into notes of red berries.  A freshness like a seaside breeze moves through the finish, leaving a silky softness behind.

Take Mille1 to a picnic to enjoy with an array of foods, for a weeknight dinner with family or to a weekend barbecue with friends. Mille1 is a wine you can enjoy and share anytime.

Recomended serving temperature of 18°C.

Discover the Special Edition
of Mille1 Red Wine

Exclusively available in Autumn 2018.

Mille1 special edition
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